Vortex Street Music was officially started in the year 1996 with the publishing of the Vortex Street Music Collection, a compilation of light music composed primarily by Campbell Naismith along with the inclusion of a few tunes from fellow composers. While Campbell had previous products such as The Highland Dance Competitor's Album, a record recorded in 1982, it wasn't until his first book that he decided to consolidate his considerable collection of personal compositions and ideas onto one avenue. Since its formation he has released two other publications, The Purple Land Collection and The Forest Leaves Collection, along with a highly renowned set of recordings for Highland Dancers in the CD Highland Dance Beat and a collection of personal compositions in the CD Choons. Currently Vortex Street Music is in the final stages of another book for publication and has many other projects in the works in varying stages of completion.

In 2015 Campbell made the decision to create Vortex Street Music Philanthropy, Inc. which is a non-profit organization that he uses to support music, dance, and mathematics with an emphasis on helping children. The support comes in the form of scholarships, trophies and medals, book and CD awards, and prize monies. You can choose to help support the philanthropic efforts by donating to Vortex Street Music Philanthropy, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) non - profit organization, which enables donors to the organization to reduce ones own taxable incomes by deducting the amounts of the donations given, and thus  reduce ones own personal income taxes. If you find joy and value in what Vortex Street Music does, please consider supporting us with a donation of your choosing.