The Steam Trunk Collection

The Steam Trunk Collection is a compilation of forgotten tunes from various collections of tunes ranging from the 19th and early 20th centuries. The tunes embrace a wide variety of styles from  strathspeys, marches, and reels, to schottisches and polkas. Created in 2016 by Jamie Hamilton, with the assistance of Campbell Naismith, this book has taken numerous tunes from the Victorian Era dance tunes arranged for the contemporary bagpiper with commentary and reflections on musical styling. 



Hi Jamie!~

Thanks for the copy of "The Steam Trunk Collection of Bagpipe Tunes"!
i truly appreciate it.
And thanks also for the kind comments about Ceol Sean.
You are to be congratulated for assembling and publishing this fine collection.
I can't wait to begin to "dig in" to it.
Best regards,
Steve Scaife
Ceol Sean